Session 7

06 May 2017
16:50 - 17:20

Session 7

Daniel Zuchowski
Taking the Task-Based Approach to the Extreme

The task-based approach has been applied by teachers around the world for decades, and it is rightly so, because the approach does work! However, as it is often confined to the classroom, its power to push learners out of their comfort zones into the areas of real challenge (i.e. learning) diminishes. The talk will present a few of my ideas on how to make the most out of the task-based approach in and out of the classroom by taking it to the extreme. Students’ work and projects will feature.
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Pathway: Theories and approaches

Shay Coyne
Aligning Parental Objectives with Young Learner Programmes

Incorporating parental objectives into YL programmes means we are better able to develop and deliver programmes that meet the needs of our YL language learners and their parents more effectively. As a freelance, I am responsible for the creation of the curriculum for my YL students. For my action research project I used a questionnaire which enabled me to develop a curriculum that had the needs of my learners at its core, thus reflecting the theme for iELT “Power to the Learner.
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Pathway: Young learners & Teens

Cristian Dinu
Typing is faster than writing - getting better at digital classrooms

Digital technology in the classroom often results in an ocean of frustration: the internet fails, students forget their passwords, teachers tend to be rather clumsy with devices, Facebook is (arguably) often more appealing than the PDF, etc. We’ve learned a couple of things building such products and we would like to share some of the lessons and stories from our recent experience working with a very respectable and conservative college in the UK. Important: bring your own devices, we are doing a live demo. You will become students in a digital classroom for the duration of the talk and be able to share the pleasures and pains of students today. (GOOD!)
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Pathway: Edtech enthusiast

Ollie Wood
Into the wild (of EFL)

How does an English language learner become an English language teacher? Is there a change in the teaching-learning cycle? How does a teacher’s researched methodology play out from a learner’s perspective? A teacher and his student (both as an ELL and ELT) will discuss all of these questions and more… before demonstrating exactly why a teacher and their student must never stop learning.
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Pathway: Learner stories & reflections

Melody Philip
Improve your teaching: improvisation/drama techniques to add pzazz to ELT

Want to try some experiential and heuristic learning? Fancy adding some spontaneity and creativity to your classes whilst encouraging some emergent language at the same time? Then this session is for you! Add to the mix the opportunity reflect on the learning process with other like-minded souls. You will try out improvisation and drama techniques in the session with other participants and will have some “ready mades” to take into your class next week.
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Pathway: Classroom tips

Lýdia Machová
Language Mentoring: Don't Teach Me, Make Me Learn

After 10 years of trying to teach my students English, and after 16 years of learning 7 languages by myself, I’ve understood that students shouldn’t be taught – they need to learn by themselves. I took a 100 students at a university and told them about ways to learn their languages by themselves. What happened was incredible. They improved immensely in just 2 months, found a new passion for their languages and are now learning in a totally new way. Let me tell you more about this in my talk.
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Pathway: Coaching, management & mentoring