Session 6

06 May 2017
16:10 - 16:40

Session 6

Kateryna Protsenko
The Questions We Ask

30 to 70% of a teachers’ talk is composed of different types of questions, and with experience we develop our own patterns of asking various questions, including elicitation, concept checking questions, and questions aimed at practice. In this presentation, I would like to explore how different types of questions we ask in vocabulary teaching sequences can change the way our learners retain and use new lexis.
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Pathway: Theories and approaches

Elena Peresada
How gamification helps to adapt a coursebook for millennial teens

Teachers all around the world are trying to find new technologies for teaching the millennial generation. One of them is gamification. If computer games are so appealing and fun to play, why don’t we bring a game-design approach to our English class? In my talk I’ll explain what computer games can teach us and I’ll give a few simple examples how you can gamify your coursebook using a game-design approach.
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Pathway: Young learners & Teens

Henry Garner & Diane Nicholls
Writing to learn – Motivating learners to Write&Improve

We present lessons learned about learner motivation from observing users of a new online writing practice tool for learners of English. Write & Improve provides essay prompts and instant, automated feedback at word and sentence level and an estimated CEFR level. Its goal is to motivate learners to practise writing, edit their work, and learn from their mistakes. We will take an in-depth look at how learners respond to the tool and what it tells us about motivating learners to write.
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Pathway: Edtech enthusiast

Sarah Priestley
My learning journey – crossing bridges from mentoring to ELT classrooms

This workshop, with mentor and teacher as the learner, will explore my 1 year journey of mentoring, teaching & the bridges I’ve built and crossed. What tools & skills from mentoring teachers can be transferred to the ELT classroom? Two areas that I have been developing will be examined : effective questioning and encouraging learner reflection. Thoughts from my learners will be shared, as well as my own reflections on my learning.
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Pathway: Learner stories & reflections

Colm Downes
Integrating negotiation skills into student-centred classrooms for a 21st century education

In this workshop I will outline different ways of integrating negotiation theory, content and skills into language lessons. I will demonstrate techniques to adapt authentic content (from academic journals to clips from Games of Thrones) into student-centred activities which help learners develop both language proficiency and negotiation skills. Based on my experience I will discuss the impact of this CLIL approach on student motivation, achievement and 21st Century ELT approaches.
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Pathway: Classroom tips

Ceri Jones
The dos and donts of change management

Innovation automatically entails change. Change is often scary. Middle management – in ELT terms DOSes, centre managers, educational coordinators – are often left with the scary task of implementing change with little support or preparation. In this session I’ll be sharing my take on the 3 Cs of successful change management and how this relates specifically to ELT contexts.
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Pathway: Coaching, management & mentoring