Session 5

06 May 2017
15:30 - 16:00

Session 5

Dirk Lagerwaard
There is no way to language, language is the way

In this talk, power to the learner is provided by giving students freedom to create. In the Sociocultural Theory (SCT), internal self-regulation and language development take place in the interactions of learner and interlocutor. It’s a continuous development in which intrinsic motivation is fostered through the formulation of shared intentions and purposes. Motivation, autonomy and agency are closely related to the SCT and allow students to make their learning significant.
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Pathway: Theories and approaches

Anna Lloyd
Reaching refugees

Over the past year we at Cambridge English have been working with a range of organisations to understand how to redeploy our resources and expertise to better reach and serve refugee and internally-displaced populations. Our rapid journey has lead us to understand the value for larger organisations in finding and leveraging a wide and varied ecosystem of local specialists to ensure that needs are properly understood and that the response is focused, useful, appropriate and empowering.
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Pathway: Edtech enthusiast

Dan Shepherd
Embracing The L1: Getting Your Teens to Speak More English in Class

We are often taught in initial teacher training courses that the L1 is evil and must be avoided at all costs. However, the more I tried to ban it in my classes, the more I’d struggle to get my students speaking English. In this practical workshop we’ll explore the reasons why our students rely so much on their mother tongue and look at ways to maximize the use of the L2.
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Pathway: Young Learners and Teens

Daniel Barber & Lydia Machova
Pimped up language learning – the polyglot principles

When it comes to language learning, there’s a small elite who do it so well, so effectively, so fast, they put our efforts to shame. I’m talking about polyglots, that strange species who might speak five, ten, even twenty languages, and to a decent level. What are their secrets? And why aren’t we learning their tricks? Come and meet one, my guest Lýdia Machová (eight languages so far), find out about their methods, and let’s talk about what they can teach us teachers. It’s a whole other world.
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Pathway: Learner stories and reflections

Oana Samoila
Three ways to hand over pronunciation to your learners

We, teachers, tend to deal with every skill or system in a tedious, methodical way, sometimes following our course book, other times guided by years of experience teaching that particular item. My talk will show you that you can and should give your learners the tools necessary to allow them to “teach” themselves, improve outside the classroom, increase their motivation levels and spike their curiosity. The learners are in our same boat and our aim is to gear them so that we can relinquish the rudder and they still float, or rather, are happy to be in command and able to do so.
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Pathway: Classroom tips