Session 4

06 May 2017
13:20 - 13:50

Session 4

Dan Mills & Elena Deleyto
OK class, let's watch TV…

Join us to hear about the latest techniques in video pedagogy and take a sneak preview of the type of video you’ll be using in class for 2018. You’ll hear why one of the biggest independent production companies in the UK is investing in Language Teaching. Learn from Elena Deleyto, a Barcelona-based ELT Teacher in the ITN ELT production team, about her experiences using our authentic video content to benefit 21st Century skills and CLIL.
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Pathway: Edtech enthusiast

Geoff Jordan
Student Feedback: We must try harder

Teachers can empower learners by giving more importance to student feedback. In this talk I’ll discuss making, analysing and discussing · video recordings of the class in action · student diaries · student to student talk on social media · feedback questionnaires.
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Pathway: Theories and approaches

Tatiane da Silva
How learning German has made me reflect about the way I teach English

In this talk I am going to tell you about the influence of starting learning a new language in the teaching process. German is a language that I did not like so much and had no clue about its structures and vocabulary; although I have a sister who has been living in Germany for more than six years. I decided to learn it after my second time in the country. However, the it has offered me an interesting perspective and I’ve been able to apply some new techniques to my teaching.
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Pathway: Learner stories and reflections

Jo Budden
Helping our learners to survive in the digital world

Even tech-savvy teenagers need help and support to to become responsible digital citizens. This talk will look at how we can help young learners be best prepared for our digital, screen-obsessed world. We will look at digital citizenship, online safety and also consider when it’s maybe time to switch off our devices and take a digital detox. We will look at the typical digital diet of teens today and some free, online materials that can help you bring these tricky topics into the classroom.
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Pathway: Young learners & Teens

Kat Robb
Digital learner support for Cambridge exams

This talk is aimed at teachers and learners of the Cambridge English suite of exams and aims to share practical ideas for how learners can develop their own autonomous learning skills. With close reference to the free digital support available to learners wishing to take the Cambridge exams, I discuss how it can be exploited to develop independent learning skills.
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Pathway: Classroom tips

Maribel Ortega
Self-esteem matters: owning your identity as an English speaker

Self-esteem. Self-confidence. Self-assertiveness. Self-efficacy. Self-acceptance. Self-concept. Self-image. Self-respect. Self. Ego. To kill the inner pessimist. To reclaim your identity. To own your English-speaking self. All these concepts participate in the journey of the English learner regardless of their competence. Improving your learner’s self-esteem, helping them identify and embrace who they are as English speakers will help them see themselves as competent language learners.
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Pathway: Coaching, management & mentoring