Session 2

06 May 2017
12:00 - 12:30

Session 2

Andrew Nye & Hellen Allen
Learning by doing:
Integrating technology to support teaching and learning

Learners need teachers with digital skills who can help them learn in today’s world. Cambridge English has developed a new free website, The Digital Teacher, to inspire and support teachers and trainers and to provide them with principled practice. This workshop will set out the thinking behind the site and demonstrate practical resources to help you integrate technology effectively in language teaching and learning, whatever your starting point.
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Pathway: Edtech enthusiast

Mark Van Ness
Re-Imagining Respect: Understanding Respectful Communication from the Adult ELL’s Perspective

Due to the intercultural nature of EFL/ESL classrooms, respectful communication presents a unique challenge. The purpose of this presentation is to share findings from my research which examined how English language learners (ELLs) conceptualize respect and believe it is communicated in the classroom. Those attending the presentation will leave with a greater awareness of how ELLs understand respect and an enhanced ability to identify classroom communication which ELLs may deem disrespectful.
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Pathway: Theories and approaches

Bindi Clements & Sylvia Johnson
Empowering the digital language learner

Research has demonstrated increased engagement when learners are in control of their learning. We explore strategies which practitioners can employ in order to empower learners on blended digital language programmes to become more autonomous. We’ll identify some of the barriers and possible solutions to creating an environment that puts the learner at the centre of the learning experience, and explores whether lessons learned in the classroom can be applied to the digital world.
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Pathway: Edtech enthusiast

Ben Beaumont
The student voice in observation feedback:
they can contribute too! (With learners)

This workshop will consider why student feedback is rarely sought in teacher development programmes and then, by way of a mini-lesson, will experiment with getting lesson feedback from both students and teacher participants. I will teach a short class and then compare feedback between students and teachers. Using this ‘hot’ data, we will draw out suggestions about how we can use the student voice, in addition to that of teacher educators, to help teachers develop their day-to-day practice.
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Pathway: Learner stories and reflections

*This session will run during 60min (Session 2 + Session 3).*

Amy Blanchard
Make ELT whiteboards great again!
Tips for (non-interactive) whiteboard use

The board at the end of a class reflects the content of the lesson and influences what learners will take away with them. We need to make sure we’re providing them with useful and detailed information to help their understanding, note-taking and subsequent autonomous studying. This session will discuss how teachers use their non-interactive (white)boards and offer some practical tips for improving board work for the benefit of the learners.
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Pathway: Classroom tips

Rachel Playfair
5 Coaching Techniques To Empower Learning

In this practical session, you will learn to use five coaching techniques for your EFL classes to help empower your students to become more pro-active as language learners. These techniques are often used by coaches to help their clients achieve their goals and I have adapted them for use by non-coach EFL/ESL teachers who want to add a coaching angle to their work with students.
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Pathway: Coaching, management & mentoring