Evening plenaries

05 May 2017
19:45 - 20:15

Evening plenaries

Duncan Foord
What have teachers ever done for us?

I will take an irreverent look at some elements of current ELT practice and suggest they might not necessarily be empowering students as much as we think and suggest what teachers and their students could be focusing on more to maximize student power in the classroom and outside it.
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Roisin Vaughan
Open Badges: A new way to prove skills

In an increasingly competitive job market how can you make sure your credentials stand out? Open badges are a new way of recognising, verifying and credentialing skills and experience beyond the key planks on a CV. In this plenary we will explore what Open Badges are, the value of Open Badges to educators and learners and how you can use them.
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Berta Rojals
The importance of powerful questions

Despite sitting in the same office and working on various projects together, Jo and Berta had never really discussed the challenges and the rewards Berta felt from learning English. This talk looks at Berta’s journey with English through the use of a technique called Powerful Questions – a way of getting a deeper understanding of what it’s really like to be a learner.
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