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Day 1
05 May 2017
Day 2
06 May 2017

Evening plenaries

Duncan Foord. What have teachers ever done for us?
Roisin Vaughan. Open Badges: A new way to prove skills
Jo Sayers & Berta Rojals. The importance of powerful questions

Morning Plenaries

Melody Philip & Marianna Knyazyan. When the learner is the teacher!
Ben Beaumont. Getting lesson feedback from those in the thick of it
Lýdia Machová. 7 lessons from learning 7 languages by myself

Session 1

Phillip Cardiff. Concordances in the ELT classroom (With Learners)
Elena Merino. Using short video to empower students
Sinem Darıdere. Nice to meet you Miss Subject...
Laia Canals & Pedro Fernandez. Practising oral skills beyond the classroom: engaging tasks and feedback practices
Ben Nazer. Engaging Learners and Offering Real Choices in Reading Lessons (With Learners)
Aysen Cem Deger. Together We Are Strong!
Lucy Crichton. Loving to Learn

Session 2

Andrew Nye & Hellen Allen. Learning by doing: Integrating technology to support teaching and learning
Mark Van Ness. Re-Imagining Respect: Understanding Respectful Communication from the Adult ELL’s Perspective
Bindi Clements & Sylvia Johnson. Empowering the digital language learner
Ben Beaumont. The student voice in observation feedback: they can contribute too! (60min, with learners) Amy Blanchard. Make ELT whiteboards great again! Tips for (non-interactive) whiteboard use
Rachel Playfair. 5 Coaching Techniques To Empower Learning

Session 3

Tim Gifford & Jo Sayers. Developing products your learners need
Ilá Coimbra. Critical pedagogy, coursebooks and what is 'normal'
Mary Ramirez. Low affective filter' and 'teacher talk' come together
Michael Carrier. English for the underserved: technology to close the digital divide
Ben Beaumont. The student voice in observation feedback: they can contribute too! (Session 2+3, 60min. With learners)
Marina Kladova. How can students benefit from a teacher-teacherpreneur?
Nicola Meldrum & Nicky Whitely. Empowering learners through teacher training

Session 4

Dan Mills & Elena Deleyto. OK class, let's watch TV…
Geoff Jordan. Student Feedback: We must try harder
Tatiane da Silva. How learning German has made me reflect about the way I teach English
Jo Budden. Helping our learners to survive in the digital world
Kat Robb. Digital learner support for Cambridge exams
Maribel Ortega. Self-esteem matters: owning your identity as an English speaker

Session 5

Dirk Lagerwaard. There is no way to language, language is the way
Anna Lloyd. Reaching refugees
Dan Sheperd. Embracing the L1: Getting your Teens to Speak More English in Class
Daniel Barber & Lydia Machova. Pimped up language learning – the polyglot principles
Oana Samoila. Three ways to hand over pronunciation to your learners

Session 6

Kateryna Protsenko. The Questions We Ask
Elena Peresada. How gamification helps to adapt a coursebook for millennial teens
Henry Garner & Diane Nicholls. Writing to learn – Motivating learners to write and improve
Sarah Priestley. My learning journey – crossing bridges from mentoring to ELT classrooms
Colm Downes. Integrating negotiation skills into student-centred classrooms for a 21st century education
Ceri Jones. The dos and donts of change management

Session 7

Daniel Zuchowski. Taking the Task-Based Approach to the Extreme
Shay Coyne. Aligning Parental Objectives with Young Learner Programmes
Cristian Dinu. Typing is faster than writing - getting better at digital classrooms
Ollie Wood. Into the wild (of EFL)
Melody Philip. Improve your teaching: improvisation/drama techniques to add pzazz to ELT
Lýdia Machová. Language Mentoring: Don't Teach Me, Make Me Learn

Afternoon plenaries

Laila Khairat. Key concepts for a practical learning experience
Carlos Tutusaus. Ten reasons to learn a language
Nicola Meldrum. What have I learned at this conference?