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Innovate ELT was set up by ELTjam and Oxford TEFL in 2015 with the aim of discussing the role of innovation in language education and celebrating some of the most exciting things happening around us.


Who are we?

At ELTjam, we work with learning organisations to help them build better products in better ways by putting the learner at the centre of every decision. Our unique Learner Experience Design (LXD) approach is driven by a focus on pedagogy, UX, learning content and interaction. We work with many of the best-known ELT publishers and learning organisations on product design, research, digital training, content development and project outsourcing.

What can we do for you?

Product consultancy

We apply our Learner Experience Design Framework and Design Thinking strategies to help you come up with the best possible product solution. Using Lean and Agile principles we help you validate your ideas quickly and cost-effectively. Once you’re clear on what you want to develop, we can provide any or all the necessary development, content creation and product management expertise to help you take it to market. Or if you prefer, we can handle the entire project for you.


We provide training (both online and face-to-face) on digital pedagogy, digital content development, product and project management, productivity, digital product marketing, online and blended learning, mobile learning, adaptive learning, and many more. As well as our existing courses, we can work with you to design a training programme specific to your needs and context.


Our blog explores the impact of EdTech on the English Language Teaching (ELT) industry. We write about the digital transformation of educational publishers, new ways of working (Lean, Agile, etc.), product development in the digital age, and more. Our posts are widely read by teachers, publishers and thought leaders and we are regular speakers at international education conferences. Check out the blog here.

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Who are we?

Oxford TEFL is the leading provider for the Trinity CertTESOL outside the UK and  the Trinity Diploma in TESOL worldwide. Located in Barcelona, Prague, London, Malaga, Cadiz and Kerala, our trainers are experts in teacher training and active in the ELT industry. We strive to create a positive, dynamic and supportive environment where our students, teachers and trainers can focus on their learning and teaching aims and enjoy the experience of achieving them.

What can we do for you?

TEFL courses

For those who would like to become qualified teachers, we provide intensive 4 or 5 week Trinity CertTESOL courses in six locations.

Teacher development

We provide online, blended and face to face teacher development courses which provide a way for teachers to develop their skills in specific areas of teaching in a practical and flexible format.

School development

Help your staff develop their teaching and related skills in areas which will specifically benefit your organization. We work with you to evaluate the needs of your teachers and provide a course or program which is relevant, practical and cost effective.

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