Learner Experience Design for the classroom

Pre-Conference Training Sessions

Learner Experience Design for the classroom – a new way of thinking about course design and delivery in ELT

ELTjam’s Learner Experience Design (LXD) Framework was originally created to help people create more effective and engaging digital learning products. LXD looks at how good design works and adapts those principles to an educational context. But what does LXD look like when applied to a classroom setting, whether using technology or not? Come along to this PCE to find out how LXD works and how it could help you reimagine how you design and deliver your in-person or blended courses.


Friday 5th May, 9.30-2pm

Session 1: What is Learner Experience Design (LXD)?

We will start by looking at user-centred design, the problem-solution paradigm and some of the other concepts that feed into our LXD framework. This will give a theoretical underpinning to the more practical session that follows.

Session 2: Applying LXD to the classroom

In the second session, we will look at how you can change and improve your classroom teaching and lesson planning by using the LXD process to put the learner(s) more clearly at the centre of the decisions you make as a teacher and trainer.


Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson is one of the co-founders of ELTjam. His ELT career began in Spain in 2001 and since then he has worked extensively in publishing, materials writing, training and digital product development. Nick is deeply interested in the ways in which technology is impacting ELT, and how the learner experience (LX) can be improved in and out of the classroom. He has written extensively on the topic for the ELTjam blog and spoken widely on the international conference circuit.

Tim Gifford

Tim Gifford has worked in ELT publishing since 2008, as Senior Editor on Touchstone Blended Learning and as a Commissioning Editor at SELT, working on online learning products for Turkish university students. Prior to that, Tim taught English in China for five years.

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