Celebrating Women in ELT

Pre-Conference Training Sessions

Celebrating Women in ELT: Reflect, Empower, Act

Celebrate the “herstory” of ELT and the key women who’ve shaped the industry. Examine how gender affects classroom dynamics for students and teachers today. Take part in workshops to discover powerful tools to help you thrive in your career. Take part in a conversation on gender, feminism and issues that affect women, in ELT, education and life.


Friday 5th May, 9.30-2pm

Session 1: Introduction to the day

Speaker: Nicola Prentis

Session 2: The herstory of ELT

Take a fresh look at the history of ELT highlighting the contributions of the women who’ve shaped the industry.
Speaker: Nicola Prentis

Session 3: How gender affects the ELT classroom

A look at how gender affects the ELT classroom. Who gets to speak and how much? How are the genders represented in the materials we use?
Speaker: Ilá Coimbra

Session 4: 60% ready, set, go!

A workshop to help you focus on what you really want and why in your career, with practical steps and strategies to get into the right mindset and avoid the mind traps that derail us.
Speaker: Claire Venables

Session 5: Discussion

Open discussion about issues related to themes and session of the event
Led by Nicola Prentis


Nicola Prentis

Nicola Prentis became an EFL teacher in 2000 and, after doing her MA in ELT, branched into a materials writing and blogging. She has written Graded Readers for Pearson, CUP and Black Cat and a Self-Study book for Collins. Outside of ELT, she writes on everything from parenting to food to men’s grooming for various publications, including Cosmo and The Wall Street Journal’s expat section. She’s the founder of the Women in ELT Facebook group.

Claire Venables

Claire Venables has been in ELT since 2001. She has wide-ranging experience as a teacher, trainer and DoS. After a decade in Europe she moved to Brazil where she is involved in the creation and implementation of EFL programmes for young learners and training for teachers. She is also a founding member of the Voices SIG, which promotes gender equality and career development for women in ELT.

Ilá Coimbra

Ilá Coimbra has taught English for over 15 years and also trains teachers in Sao Paulo. She is a member of BRAZ-TESOL advisory board and the president of Voices SIG, a group that works for women and other under-represented groups from all areas of ELT. She attends and presents regularly in local, national and international conferences. Ilá is a strong defender and activist of civil rights and social inclusion and believes that an inclusive and diverse classroom in which every student feels represented is crucial to effective learning.

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